Gray-headed Junco Green-tailed Towhee
Yellow-headed Blackbird, fledgling
White-breasted Nuthatch Red-naped Sapsucker American Robin
Scrub Jay
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Yellow-headed Blackbird Gray-headed Junco
Yellow-headed Blackbird
Bullock's Oriole Horned Lark Wood Pee-wee
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American Robin, nest
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Evening Grosbeak Evening Grosbeak
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Rufous Hummingbird Western Bluebird, male Lilac-breasted Roller Red-shafted Flicker
Mourning Dove pair
Green-tailed Towhee
Say's Phoebe Broad-winged Hummingbird Wilson's Warbler American Dipper and nest Mountain Bluebird
Green-tailed Towhee
Marsh Wren Broad-tailed Hummingbird Townsends Warbler Townsends Warbler Mountian Bluebirds
Green-tailed Towhee
Williamson's Sapsucker Yellow-headed Blackbird